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Fabulous Ideas to Hallway Wall Decor

Diy Hallway Wall Decor

Hallway wall decor – The corridors, in almost all the present houses, are spaces reduced to the maximum but also one of the busiest places of the house, because it allows connecting the different rooms of the house. That is why we should not neglect its decoration. Since the corridors are narrow spaces, the element with more presence that we find are the walls that limit it, which suppose a magnificent opportunity at the time of decorating them. In these vertical walls we will put the focus on this book of ideas in which we will put at your disposal useful tips to decorate your corridors and transform them into places with their own character. Ahead!

If you are looking for an original decoration for your hallway, you can choose a material or element whose presence is not normally associated with this space. How about a textured wall, made of stone, like the one in the corridor of the image? And to put your hall in value, nothing better than choosing a hallway wall decor that is striking, like the one we see in the house of the image. In it we observe that an attractive coating of colorful tiles has been chosen.

The placement of paintings is a common resource to hallway wall decor of the house and, is that a well-chosen painting is infallible when decorating. In a corridor, since it is a dynamic space, it is convenient to choose a painting that has to do with that characteristic; an abstract picture, like the one in the picture, can be a great choice. One of the characteristics of the stone, given that it is a natural material, is its heterogeneity. What in other materials can be a problem, for the stone used in decoration is an advantage that there are not two equal pieces; in this way, multi-chromatic surfaces are achieved that provide a special vibration to the space.

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